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Our nutritionally balanced menus ensure our children are raring to go every day! Planned with growing children in mind, our seasonal menus are healthy and well balanced always including a variety of colour, textures and flavours ensuring our children enjoy their mealtimes and leave the table with happy, full tummies.

Children are unlikely to take in more energy than they need if they are offered a range of healthy meals and snacks that meet the food and drink guidelines.  We have ensured that there are not too many fatty or sugary meals on our menus and we use fruit to sweeten our desserts where possible, trying to avoid artificial sweeteners

Why we provide desserts, puddings and cakes – Desserts and cakes provide energy (calories) and essential nutrients such as calcium and iron when included as part of a healthy and balanced diet for young children and fruit is always available as an alternative to pudding.

​​Little Dreams Day Nursery