​​Little Dreams Day Nursery 

Contact details: Bedfont 0208 7073984 / Staines 01784 390107 / Mobile 07921 097848 /info@littledreamsdaynursery.co.uk

The outdoors offers all sorts of wonderful possibilities for play and development, allowing children to make the most of natural resources and work on a bigger scale than indoors. In our gardens we promote the growing and nurturing of plants and vegetables, digging in sand and soil, the use of mud and imagination, splashing in puddles and exploring water sources.

The outdoor areas, both within the nursery grounds and in the local community have a wealth of resources which help children to develop in a variety of ways, including independence, exploration and investigative skills, risk taking and self-esteem all of which support children to develop skills for now and the future.

Outside has a higher concentration of oxygen in the air, 25% more than indoors even with all windows and doors open. Oxygen is vital for cells to respire in the body, but particularly for brain function to aid the process of learning so encouraging children to be active outdoors is vital for their health and well-being. Children need regular access to outdoor play in order to develop their large and small muscles, experience an environment that is different to the inside of the nursery and more importantly access sunlight in order to absorb vitamin D more effectively. At The Co-operative Childcare we’re committed to the importance of daily outdoor play and physical activity to keep our children fit and strong.

Our outdoor areas are accessible all year round with children choosing to move between the indoor and outdoor environment as they please. Our practitioners just make sure they are dressed to battle whatever weather!